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It had been awhile since the entire ordeal with Alejandro and his blackmail tape of hate and secrets. People stopped talking to Alejandro. They even started paying no attention to him, so it wasen't a surprise he vanished. No one knew what happend to him, or they just didn't care. No matter what Cody and Noah were glad he was gone the most. With the two free to gamble in their relationship without blackmail. They did so every day, without the other campers knowing. Only a handfull knew what their true relatioship was, one went missing and the others were keeping shut.

Like any old day without blackmail at playa de losers it started in the bedroom.

"Romeo are thou art thou, Romeo?" Cody joked as he dog pilled Noah.

Noah got out from undernieth Cody and started tickling him. "Oh i'll Romeo you!" Noah joked back.

"Cut it out Noah!" Cody laughed uncontrolablly.

"Whhhaaaccckk!!!" the door slammed open almost leaving a dent in the door. There stood a very ticked off Sierra. Now keep in mind Sierra was one of thouse people who knew about Noah and Cody's little private life.

"C'mon get out of bed you two!" Sierra said.

"But Sierra..." Cody whined.

"Oh i can't stay mad at you my sugar coated Cody kins" Sierra gushed. "Noah on the other hand" Sierra growled.

"Wait what did i do?!?!" Noah complained.

"I'm letting you date cody on one condittion, that you take proper care of him!" Sierra said.

"Fine, fine, we will get up already" Noah ranted.

Sierra left closing the door behind her, so the two chould greet the day in privacy.

"I'm sorry for Sierra" Cody begged.

"It's allright Cody, it's become a daily thing for me" Noah replied getting dressed.

It was true every day was the same. Every day was the same...

"It will be more lively next season" Cody reashured.

"I whouldn't count on that" Noah said.

"Why whould you say that?" Cody asked.

"Think about it, it's not like we will be together for every season" Noah ranted.

Cody sighed that might be true. They chould end up seperated from each other. Cody's greatest fear was unraveling in his head. "Noah and i chould get seperated, and he chould fall in love with someone" Cody franticly thought.

"Hurry up Cody!, or i'll leave without you" Noah said at the door.

Cody snapped back into reallity. "Noah you'll never fall in love with anyone else, will you?" Cody asked scared.

"No, why?" Noah replied.

"No reason just curious" Cody laughed.

"Curiosity killed the cat Cody" Noah said sarcasticly as he left twords the hallway.

"Wait up Noah!" Cody dashed.

At playa de losers the atmosphere was the same old, same old. Cheerfull banter, funny jokes, and the ocasionall romantic witt. Noah and Cody never expressed their romantic feelings for one another in public. Unlike all the happy hetro couples at playa de losers who were free to express there love at any momment they wished. Cody as he was got jelous of all thouse happy couples.

"There all so lucky they get to kiss, hug, and hold hands in public" Cody thought as the jelousy stirred. "Thats it, holding hands dosen't always have to mean your a couple!" Cody thought brillantly.

Cody reached out his hand for Noah's. Making sure no one was watching took a firm grasp of his lovers hand. Noah flinched a bit and quickly looked over to see whos hand was caressing his own. Cody gave a weak smile as Noah looked at him wide eyed. Noah frowned as he fourcefully pulled his hand away from Cody's. Cody frowned as his sign of affection was denied. He was so depressed he didn't even notice his nattural surroundings.

"Heads up!" Trent shouted as a frisbee flew by, knocking Cody into the pool.

His body gasping for air as he quickly sank to the bottom of the pool. Low on oxygen he became light headed befor he passed out."I don't want to die..., i don't want my last interaction with Noah to end on a sour note..." his mind rushed as his eyes closed one last time under the water. Imageing Noah saving him from the clorinated water, "Noah..." his thoughts sang.

"Cody!" he heard people scream from up above only to sound like gibberish.

He heard a splash as if someone jumping into the pool to save him. The unkown person grabbed ahold of Cody and draged him up to the surfface. Coming out of the pool with his mystery revealed, it was the home schooled Ezekiel. Ezekiel of all people you whould at least expect him to do such a brave act. The boy checked to see if Cody was breathing, he wasen't...

"Is he allright?" campers asked.

"He's not breathing!, eh" Ezekiel blurted. "Does anyone know CPR?, eh" Ezekiel yelled, looking arround only to find no voluters he gulped.

He properly set up Cody and began preforming CPR on him immeaditly. Each camper had very eratic mixed emotions, but most were just grossed out. After a set or two Cody caughed up some pool water and started breathing again.

"Cody your allright!" Sierra cried hugging the boy.

"wha.., what happend?" Cody asked.

"Ezekiel saved your life" Katie cheered.

"Yeah with CPR and everything" Sadie cheered as well.

Cody looked over at the nearby Ezekiel.

"We almost lost ya there, eh" Ezekiel smiled.

Cody blushed heavily, he quickly got up and stammerd "excuse me!". He grabbed Noah and ran far off away from the others at the far end of the beach. Trying to catch his breath Cody thought "he praticly kissed me".

"Cody whats wrong?" Noah asked.

"Aren't you mad at Ezekiel!" Cody blurted.

"Not really it was only CPR" Noah said.

Cody stood silent, he was really starting to wonder if Noah still loved him.

"Now if you don't mind i really want to get back to the othe..." Noah said cut off by an unexpected kiss. There lips parted as Noah was foucsed on the flustred Cody. Noah blinked a little shocked.

"Sorry Noah i just had to get rid of the taste of Ezekiel" Cody laughed before running off.

Noah blinked a bit more before thinking "naah, it chouldn't be?, chould it...".
Here it finally is the long awaited building of ash sequal to the rise of Alejandro enjoy and please read the first on to enjoy this one located here [link]

parrings in this story include
and whatever sideparrings you can find between the lines

first part here [link]
next chapter here [link]
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