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Girls are like a plauge, spreding from host to host, gossip like wild fire. To all thouse who don't know how to contain it make it worse, it grows and grows untill it becomes out of control. For Noah and Cody who weren't to familiar with girls thet were considred novices. After the rumors about Noah and Cody's relationship were spred it was proven true on their own accord. Unknown to the females gossip...

"Can you belive Noah and Cody are an item?" Bridgett gossiped.

"I know it's so shocking" Beth replied.

"I think their cute!" Lindsay squeaked.

"There they are!" the girls cheered as the two steped outside on to the pool patio.

Noah still strong, silent, and sarcastic. Hair black and skin tanned from his heritage. Brown eyes sweet like chocolate and just like his lovers hair. Cody, Noah's cute little lover, so sweet and inocent with his big blue eyes and gap tooth. Evervesent as always, because he was with Noah.

"Cody over here!" Beth shouted from the the snack bar.

"Noah should i?" Cody asked concernd.

"Go ahead..." Noah smiled.

Cody walked over to the girls. He was scared and was shaking slightlly.

"What's up lady's?" Cody joked inhaling in his fear.

"Hehehe" the girls giggled. "Cmon Cody we all know your gay" The girls continued to giggle.

"Bi acctualy, your looking fine by the way" Cody flirted his troubles away.

"But i don't think your boyfriend whould appreciate it" Lindsay said as Noah's eyes darted as cody.

"Hehehe..." Cody laughed as he ran off twords Noah.

"Don't stop on my account you ladies man" Noah said sarcasticly.

"Hahaha, very funny" Cody shruged off. "But really ever since the girls have wanted to hang out with me more, i haven't got to spend any time with you..." Cody was once again concernd.

"I know what you mean" Noah replied.

"Like you have a clue" Cody pouted.

"On the contrary, i have a fanclub as well" Noah sighed as he pointed to Izzy and Eva who were nearby.

"Hi Noah!" Izzy replied cheerfully.

Cody's jaw droped. "I am really shocked" Cody stammerd.

"Don't be..." Noah corrected."Not that i'm superstisous or anything, but we should be on the look out" Noah said seriouslly.

"Not this again" Cody said annoyed.

"I'm sorry i just want these bad dreams to go away..." Noah rubbed his forehead.

The worst momments of Noah's life played over and over again in a montouge of dreams. The day he came out of the closet to his parrents and older siblings, it was hid day of discrace. His highschool horrors and people who betrayed him behinde thouse brick and bared walls. Acts of rape that were commited against him within the last year, and worst of all the killing of Alejandro. The coming down of the axe was a transition filter and the blood splattering were special effects.

"I just want it to end..." Noah's voice echoed.

For Noah's dreams came a warrning. Something was coming back from the dead to haunt them, and this time it wasen't Alejandro. in a basement grows filth and scum of both variates as a meeting was about to take place. The various makeshit tables were set up oddlly arround the place with non-matching makeshift chairs. The walls were errie and groggy with cobwebs and mold.

"Who whould call us down here?" Beth asked.

"If this is someones idea of a joke i'm not ammused" Bridgett said trying to swat a spider out of her hair.

"In five minutes im leaving" Courtney threatned.

"Ouch!" Izzy screamed then praised "cool a spider bite".

"I wanna spider bite too!" Lindsay cheered.

"Wait a minute, this isn't the Cody fanclub" Sierra concluded.

"Who invited you?" Gwen asked.

"Move it crazy goth girl!" Heather demanded.The girls talked and chated until...

"QUIET!!!" Eva's voice shouted shaking the foundation as she made her enterance by slamming the door behind her.The other girls went silent as Eva made her way to the makeshift podium. Banging her fist on it, fourcing the thing to crumble and colapse. "I have a proposition for you all, and if you don't agree with me i'll make you!" Eva started.

"What's your plan?" Beth asked shylly.

"I plan to break up Noah and Cody" Eva smirked.

Some campers gave looks of disbelief about what Eva just said. Eva looked arround the room and then frowned.

"If you chould help me i'm sure you'd gain a thing or two..." Eva rubbed her fingers together in a bribe.

"This is just rediculous, i'm leaving..." Heather said standing up.

"Before you leave i got a question for you..., who killed Alejandro?" Eva poked at.

"the fire did..." Heather said sickly.

"Then why were the hands and head farther away from the rest of the corpse?" Eva smirked.

"Knock it off!" Heather coverd her ears.

"Even thou i like to see Heather being tourtred..., were are you going with all of this?" Gwen asked.

"Simple, Noah and Cody have done several horrid deads against all of us" Eva declared. "Cody denied Sierra's and Beth's affection" Eva poked at the less the less than attractive girls. "As for me, Gwen, Courtney, and Heather they seduced our men..." Eva sighed at first then continued.

"But what about us?" Bridgett asked.

"How long untill Cody and Noah seduce your boyfriends?" Eva asked back.

Bridgett and Izzy gulped. At the rate Cody and Noah were going, how long untill they lost their dumb blondes?

"Were in!" the girls cheered as Eva grined evily.

The girls were all united under one common truth, the downfall of Noah and Cody. Tricked by a sleezy, good for nothing, skank named Eva. Boiled down to it all what was her true intentions? Either way the two lovers had no clue of what was to come and what they were facing this time. You see boys operate diffrently from girls. Boys will rape and blackmail while girls will gossip with a passionate fire boys will never understand, including Noah and cody.
here is the amazing 3rd part of my noco saga enjoy feel free to comment whatever nothing belongs to me except storyline and plot

plase read [link] if you are new
next chapter [link]
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